What is Crepey Skin? Causes of and Treatments for Crepey Skin

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What is Crepey Skin?

Crepey skin looks thin, stretched-out, and loose. Some likewise claim crepey skin looks fairly similar to crepe paper. Where the skin becomes very vulnerable, sensitive and also forms creases quickly.

The initial signs of crepey skin begin to show up around the neck, arms, legs, and even eyelids. It begins as a small dot around hair follicles and also pores, followed by a cluster of spots that collaborate and look saggy. The most delicate area where crepey skin does show up is your arms and eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, this thinning of skin is not just triggered by aging. There are lots of sources of crepey skin and also means to treat it. While there is no age constraint to crepey skin, it can show up in your 20s as naturally as it can in your 50s.

what is crepey skin and the counter treatments

Causes of and Treatments for Crepey Skin

Variables like genes, sunlight exposure, and also skin kind can cause crepey skin. These factors, besides aging, are main causes of very early skin damage.

For instance, for people with sensitive skin, direct exposure to the sunlight is unsafe (2 ). UV rays tear the skin’s all-natural fibers till they separate on the skin. These fibers, likewise referred to as elastin, get into tinier fragments as well as collaborate. The result is completely dry, patchy, and irregular skin tone.

Sun exposure, without correct sunlight defense, has the exact same effect on collagen. Collagen damage can speed up skin damages by making it look droopy, rough, as well as fragile. If you tan a lot utilizing tanning beds, you’re most likely to capture crepey skin than others.

There are a lot of various other elements that add to crepey skin, such as absence of hydrating, smoking, insomnia, as well as air pollution. This mosts likely to show that there are just as many means to deal with crepey skin.

Treating Crepey Skin the proper way

Do not attempt the adhering to techniques until you seek advice from a skin doctor. You can look at these administration suggestions to recognize more about your skin condition. So you’ll be able to speak even more freely about it with your medical professional.

Your skin is your most precious organ. And also what works for others may not be the very best treatment for you. From dermatological treatments (3) to non-prescription medicine as well as natural remedy. There is more than one method to treat crepey skin.

Nonprescription Treatments

Over-the-counter includes making use of skin products to decrease the look of crepey skin. You can select natural, organic ingredients, body wash, creams, as well as moisturizing creams. The very best and most efficient thing to do is to seek the best body lotion for crepey skin. It should be healthy and balanced, chemical-free, as well as skin-boosting.

Likewise, make certain nothing you make use of is also strong for your skin. You desire your skin’s all-natural barrier containing healthy proteins and also lipids intact. Anything that strips your skin of its natural oils is bad and will certainly exacerbate crepey skin.

Residence Remedies

While lotions that infused with vitamins and also anti-oxidants are necessary. A good natural remedy is to eat foods rich in these nutrients. Omega-3 fats, Vitamin C, as well as flavonoids-rich fruits and vegetables are a must.

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is as needed as having medications. If you work out well, consume right, and also maintain yourself hydrated, your skin health and wellness never falls short.

Skin Treatments

Depending upon what your medical professional informs you, you can look for surgical help as well. This includes obtaining skin treatments done such as ultrasound, laser treatment, sculpting, or a topical retinoid.


One of the most typical of them all is topical retinoid therapy, where your skin is revealed to a gel that increases collagen as well as elastin production. As well as it removes dead skin cells from the surface.

This complied with by a moisturizing therapy can decrease the appearance of crepey skin. As well as it can also motivate full skin cell turn over for younger-looking as well as solid skin.

Fraxel Laser Therapy

Laser beams boost your skin’s temperature level by permeating under the top layer. This increases collagen as well as elastin manufacturing. It is just one of one of the most effective therapies for dealing with under eye crepey skin.


This is a skin-tightening treatment has the same effect as laser treatment. But it works better around the arms, face, and neck. It benefits multiplying skin cells and also contributing to collagen development.

If you have delicate skin, doing ultrasound can cause discomfort. This is because you need anesthetic to do this treatment. One of the most sensitive areas of your skin, like upper arms, do not respond to anesthetics.


Also referred to as CoolSculpting, this therapy removes excess fat under the skin. By freezing lipids in your fat cells, it tightens the skin from below.

Such procedures are expensive and need to just be done after dermatological consultation.

Crepey Skin on the Neck

what is crepey skin and the counter treatments

The skin on your neck is the thinnest and so the most sensitive. So it’s likely that crepey skin could turn up on your neck previously anywhere else. Using Vitamin C-rich lotion to moisturize your neck on a regular basis is excellent.

It can reverse skin-aging as well as increase firmness as well as softness.

Crepey Skin on the Arms

Crepey skin on arms, even more specifically upper arms, is extremely usual among women. You can select medical and non-surgical therapies for it. Your arms reveal when you gain weight or you lose it. A lot likewise, crepey skin on arms shows easily.

And so taking care of sagging and completely dry skin on upper arms is a difficulty for many. You might not experience extreme crepey skin on arms than on legs or neck. However females have a tendency to be a lot more uncomfortable of it since it shows.

Treatments such as brachioplasty, cryolipolysis, and laser therapies are quick and effective.

Crepey Skin on the Legs

Crepey skin on legs does vary from various other parts of the body. The most typical locations are behind as well as above the knees and near skin creases. The skin pulls and extends itself where it can – triggering the creases to look thinner as well as noticeable.

You can avoid annoying crepey skin on legs by maintaining it concealed under garments. But that does not discourage the fact that sunlight exposure, genes, and weight gain/loss can create it. Various other underlying elements such as bad nourishment, smoking cigarettes, or aging can contribute crepey skin.

The elastin and collagen fibers on the leg are more sensitive. As a result of which it’s harder to treat with all-natural ingredients. You can go with the most effective body cream for crepey skin. Such lotions include collagen-boosting residential or commercial properties that help form a strong architectural network under the skin.

Treatments such as ultrasound, cryolipolysis, and also topical retinoid may additionally assist.

4 Actions to Treat Crepey Skin in your home

Say you have the most effective body lotion for crepey skin. Yet you do not understand how you utilize it. This may help.

Exfoliate/cleanse your skin utilizing a chemical-free and non-drying cleanser. Avoid over-drying your skin.

Use topical glycolic acid to include the recover to your skin. You can make use of an exfoliator to eliminate excess completely dry skin which can decrease the appearance of crepey skin.

Use the best body cream for crepey skin. Make sure it suits your skin type, is hydrating, and easy to use.

In case you’re marching in the sun, use sunlight defense. A high SPF sunscreen is your best choice.

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