How to Choose a Mastectomy Bra

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Women who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer should not feel deprived of the opportunity to wear well-fitting bras and fashionable bra liners. The right mastectomy bra may be found for every event with the help of expert guidance and fitting.

One of the hardest things you’ve done as a woman was to get a mastectomy. As you heal after surgery, the struggle will continue. Choosing your first Fake breasts post-mastectomy bra is a significant milestone in your physical and emotional healing. The correct bras can help you regain a sense of wholeness, confidence, and agency. Here are some things to bear in mind as you go through the choosing process. how to choose a mastectomy bra

What is a mastectomy?

A mastectomy is defined as. When used for either prevention or treatment of breast cancer, a bilateral mastectomy entails the surgical removal of both breasts. Rarely is cancer so advanced in both breasts at the same time that a bilateral mastectomy is required. The majority of breast cancer patients elect to have both breasts removed.

Because no two mastectomies are exactly the same, the road to recovery is unique for each patient. There will be a brief in-hospital stay and a further checkup a week or two after the procedure.

Post-Op Bras and Breast Reconstruction

The recovery process after a bilateral mastectomy is similar to that following a unilateral mastectomy, with the exception of the increased risk of infection. You will have surgical drains placed on the side of your chest, and they will need to stay there for a few weeks.

Some of the potential after-surgery complications include the following:

Arm pain and stiffness, weariness, infection, phantom breast pain or numbness, and lymphedema are all symptoms of chronic lymphedema.

Bras provide a great deal of comfort following breast surgery, so you’ll need one whether you choose breast reconstruction or a prosthesis. Some mastectomy bras feature velvety inside that are gentle on healing skin and scars. Prosthesis pockets are available on certain mastectomy bras.

Women who have had this treatment may choose from a number of different bra styles. What kind of healing environment is best for you depends on your individual requirements.

How to choose a mastectomy bra perfect mastectomy

Choosing a mastectomy bra can be an important step in your recovery journey, helping you feel comfortable and confident. Here are some factors to consider:

Doctor’s Recommendations:

First, consult with your medical team. They may recommend waiting a certain amount of time after surgery before wearing a mastectomy bra, and they might have suggestions about specific types or brands.

Fit and Comfort:

Mastectomy bras are designed to hold a breast form (prosthesis) securely in place. This means they need to fit properly. When trying on bras, consider both the band size (the number in a bra size) and the cup size (the letter). The band should be snug but not tight, and the straps should not dig into your shoulders. The cups should hold the prosthesis securely without gaps or bulges.


Look for bras made from soft, breathable fabrics that won’t irritate your skin. If you’re in the process of radiation treatment or your scars are still healing, you might want to avoid lace or other rough materials.


Consider whether you want a bra with a front or back closure. Some people find front-closure bras easier to put on and take off, especially soon after surgery.


Mastectomy bras come in a range of styles, from sports bras to everyday bras to more fashionable options. Choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


If you’re using a breast form, make sure to choose a bra that can accommodate it. Some bras have built-in pockets for this purpose. The size and shape of your prosthesis may influence what kind of bra works best for you.

Specialist Stores:

Many stores specialize in mastectomy bras and have trained fitters who can help you find the right style and size. This can be a helpful resource, especially if you’re feeling uncertain.

Multiple Options:

You may want different bras for different occasions – a comfortable one for lounging around at home, a supportive one for exercise, and a stylish one for going out.

Insurance Coverage:

Check your insurance plan. Some plans cover the cost of mastectomy bras and prostheses.

Remember that your body may change as you heal from surgery, so what fits well one month might not fit as well the next. Regular fittings can help ensure you always have a bra that fits well and feels comfortable.

Post-mastectomy bra options

silicone breast prostheses

Silicone breast prostheses, or breast implants, are artificial devices used in medical procedures such as mastectomy reconstruction, breast augmentation, or for creating a more balanced breast size. They are used either to replace breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer or trauma or to enhance breast size for aesthetic reasons.


soft cup front closing bras

Shoulder rotation may be affected after breast surgery, making it difficult to put on a back-closing bra or pull it on over your head. Here’s when a bra with a front closure might be useful. Bras with soft cups and a front clasp may be slipped over surgical dressings to provide gentle support and compression over wounds.

Compression bras and vests

After surgery, doctors often suggest compression garments like bras and vests. They provide excellent protection for the bust, back, and underarms. Swelling due to fluid accumulation may also be avoided by applying compression to incisions. With the correct compression bra, you can avoid loose skin and straining around the incisions.

Tops and camisoles

The surgical drains may be kept in place with the use of lightweight shirts and camisoles that include built-in bra cups or prostheses. T-shirts, nightgowns, and pajama tops with detachable drain pockets on the sides may also be suggested.

Considerable Information

It’s not only that getting about is tough after surgery. It also has an effect on the skin as it recovers. When looking for a bra or top to wear after surgery, make sure it is comfortable.

If you want a bra that stays put and doesn’t dig into your skin, look for one with broad bands over the shoulders and under the breasts. Get a bra with removable or adjustable straps and closures so you can get the perfect fit. The area around the incisions may become irritating as the wound dries up. Avoid skin discomfort, particularly around healing wounds, by wearing a seamless bra.

Underwires may be irritating to the skin and should be avoided. The fabric is the last and most crucial factor to think about. 100% organic cotton bras are hypoallergenic and breathable, so they won’t cause any more sweating or itching.

While it’s understandable to want to get a post-mastectomy bra right away, it’s best to wait until your body has fully recovered from surgery before putting one on and to talk to your doctor about the best options. Think about how you’ll feel not just while you move, but also as your skin heals.

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