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Katie Meade on Being Fearless

We’ve had a lot of great conversations with Katie Meade, from joking around at tradeshows, to discussions on beauty and inclusion at the Best Buddies International gala. But we wanted to sit down and really get into what beauty means to her.

Katie is bouncing with excitement before the interview. She has definitive views on this topic – views she’s shared with the world since her debut as the Fearless Hair Rescue Masque model. Her enthusiasm and excitement to be part of something bigger than herself is apparent not only in the way she gushes about the products, but how she chooses to live the everyday extraordinary.

Several cameras point at the 33 year old professional as she sits in the entry way of Shine Salon in Charlotte, and yet she couldn’t look more at ease. Apparently her ability to be fearless extends beyond her day to day and includes on camera interviews. Meanwhile, I’m nervous just sitting behind the camera, asking the questions. Her comfort level may also be because she’s well versed in being on camera. March of 2016 doesn’t feel so long ago, when she was invited to speak with several media networks and even take part in another photoshoot.

B&P: Katie, you look good on camera!

Katie: (raising an eyebrow) Thanks!

She’s feelin’ good. Makeup on, hair pinned up, and rocking one of her favorite outfits – a playful black and white top, bright cardigan and jeans.

B&P: Will you introduce yourself?

Katie: I’m Katie Meade. I’m 33 years old, from Des Moines Iowa, and I work in the Polk County Treasurers office.

(34. Since this interview, Katie’s celebrated a birthday.)

B&P: What does your typical day look like?

Katie: Well, I wake up every day at 5:30 to get ready for my job. I take my dog out, then I shower, then I eat breakfast and I get dressed up for work. Then I take the 7am bus to my job. When I come home from a long day at work, I catch up at home, and then I exercise, eat dinner and relax by playing cards or watching TV. And then I go to bed around 9:15.

B&P: You’re an early bird! I wish I could get up that early. Can you tell me about your beauty routine before you go to work?

Katie: I start everyday with a shower. I wash my hair with Flaunt Shampoo, and Luxe Leave In Conditioner helps my hair. I also like to use Lavish, an All-In-1 Conditioner that makes my hair really soft, and I like to use my Fearless, a hair rescue masque treatment. That makes my hair really soft as well. I love to use Linger, that’s a gel. It gives my hair a lot of fullness and bounce. I love to moisturize my face, because I get dry skin. And then the last thing I do is put on my makeup – I use eyeshadow, eye liner and blush. I love all those things. (She giggles). My family is really active, so part of my beauty routine is also to exercise and stay active. I walk 3 or 4 miles each day on the treadmill or outside.

B&P: What characteristic in others stands out most to you?

Katie: I like to have fun with people, so the qualities that stand out most to me are a sense of humor, being friendly and kind. Honesty, and the ability to make me laugh, because I like to laugh all the time.

She says this, of course, with a laugh.

B&P: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Most people get a bit abashed at this question. But Katie doesn’t miss a beat. She’s self-assured without being boastful, and her confidence is all-encompassing. “My favorite thing about myself is that I have a big heart. I’m really positive and I have a great sense of humor.” She hits the nail on the head.

B&P: Who is the most beautiful person you know and why?

Katie: I have a lot of people in my life who are very beautiful and special to me. I can’t pick one. So it’s going to be my family. They light up my life. They love me and are proud of me and have helped me become the person I am.

B&P: What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Katie: A great attitude can make anyone beautiful.

B&P: I 100% agree. What makes you feel most beautiful?

“I feel most beautiful when I am dressed up, I have my makeup on and my hair fixed.” She smiles and raises her hands in a “ta-da” motion and laughs. I can’t help but recall her glow at the Best Buddies Gala in Charlotte, when dressed to the nines, she lead our table to the dance floor, despite my protests.

B&P: What does the word beauty mean to you?

Katie: Beauty to me means looking good and feeling good about yourself.

B&P: How would you define the everyday extraordinary?

Katie: I make every day extraordinary by doing the simple things that make other people feel good. Simple things like saying “Hi”, or smiling at them, or sending out a card to someone. I try to make others feel good and have a good day.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be around Katie, you’ve seen that her smile lights up a room. She’s a tiny person with huge energy and a simple encounter really will make your day.

B&P: What one word best describes you?

With the biggest smile, Katie responds, “The one word that best describes me is Fearless.” She points to herself with surety.

B&P: What makes you fearless?

Katie: I try to do a lot of different things. I do things that I’m afraid of. I’m fearless because…well, my family took me on a trip and they helped me overcome my fears by taking me zip lining and swimming with sharks. I’m going to Florida and we’re doing an alligator ride. Even when there are things that I’m scared to do, I’m willing to give them a try. That’s why I tell my sisters I’m fearless.

There’s applause beginning to come from the audience of stylists and staff. If that isn’t the true meaning of courage, I don’t know what is.

Katie: And I’m so glad to be on the Fearless package. Because it shouldn’t be about having a disability or not. I’m actually trying to spread the word to people who have a disability. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not. Everyone can have abilities, and I am sharing that by doing all these things for my Beauty & Pin-Ups family. You’re all my family. And I love being the face of the Fearless packages.

By this point I’m tearing up, and our crew is joking that she’s made “Barbara” cry. The truth is, I’ve known Katie now for over a year and have never met anyone more inspiring.

B&P: You’re our family too!

Katie: Thank you for doing this special cause for Best Buddies.

B&P: Mic drop! Katie, you’re amazing.

Katie’s authenticity is striking. She doesn’t simply talk about these things, she lives them. She reminds us every day to be Fearless.


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