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The Everyday Extraordinary

We believe that there is beauty in writing your own story. In forging your own path and living a life that is authentic.

We believe that traditional beauty standards put people in a box. And we believe in stepping outside of it.

Beauty belongs to everyone – whether your days consist of chasing the kids around the house or chasing down deals in the office, it makes no difference if you’re chasing your dreams. We cater to the everyday extraordinary woman – whoever she may be.

We are in awe of life’s tiny miracles. The fact that you manage to get everyone out the door and to school on time – dressed, fed, with lunches, and backpacks – clean the house, run all your errands, get everyone to practice on time, and still have dinner on the table.

That you can get to work at the crack of dawn, work through lunch, and stay past five every day to climb the corporate ladder – and still manage to maintain a social life, spend time with your family, and make it to the gym.

How even when your phone never stops ringing, the requests never stop coming, and your appointment book is overflowing, you still manage to stay calm, cool and collected and keep your business operating smoothly.

That’s extraordinary.

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