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Stay Dirty

The launch of our new dry shampoo is here, and we’re giddy with excitement. We empower you to Stay Dirty with a formula enriched with A-List ingredients – Amla, Argan & Avocado Oil – because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your hair can stay dirty one more day and still look pretty as a pin-up with this uber light formula, delivering health to your hair even without a full wash and dry. Revamp your style without hitting the shower with a quick spritz to absorb excess oil, revive volume, unleash texture, and save you time.

For those mornings you spent getting your kids ready and only have 10 minutes to yourself before a PTA meeting…

For the days you woke up at 5am to make it to the gym before a big meeting in the office and didn’t have time to wash and dry your hair…

For the nights your bestie asks you to meet up for drinks in a half hour, but you haven’t washed your hair in two (ok, three) days…

Get a little extra mileage out of yesterday’s style. It’s ok to stay dirty.

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