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Salon Spotlight: Live Salon

About Live Salon: Live Salon was created with the client in mind. Owner Amanda Bossi wanted to create a space that was comfortable – to feel like you were just relaxing at home, sharing a glass of wine, and letting go of all the days’ stress. She didn’t want guests to feel rushed or like they were just a number or another dollar. It is almost impossible to leave any salon without a little pep in your step, but Live Salon aims to do more than that. Bossi wants guests to feel empowered to reach their own dreams and have fabulous hair while doing it.

Specialties: Blondes, color transformations, and up-styles

Core Values: Live Salon has a motto they live by everyday – Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower. They strive to be a salon in which someone can walk into after a hardship, a celebration, or just because, with or without an appointment. Live Salon believes we are all one and if we live more beautifully, more confidently, and empower not only ourselves but others, the world will be a more beautiful place. Amen!

Why they love Beauty & Pin-Ups: “Beauty & Pin-Ups quickly became my favorite brand not only because the products are amazing and have become our biggest sellers, but because the brand values coincide almost directly in line with Live Salon’s.”

Favorite B&P Product: Fierce. “When I was first introduced to Beauty & Pin-Ups, I was handed just a can of Fierce to try. One use and I was sold. I immediately ordered the entire line to stock the salon. The hold is amazing without feeling crusty. And the smell! Oh my goodness, it is heaven in a can.”

Tip & Trick: “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. (Don’t be throwing curling irons or hair spray cans across the room in frustration). Styling hair takes patience, practice, and at times, muscle memory. Don’t overthink it – and have fun!” – Amanda Bossi


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