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Travel & Treat

Travel & Treat

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Relax and TREAT yourself…you deserve it! While traveling and taking in the scenery, sometimes there is no time to STOP. Rewind those stresses and travel light with our airplane friendly travel products. REWIND SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER which is scientifically proven to help repair damage with no protein build-up. Take a long soothing bath while pampering your hair with our FEARLESS HAIR TREATMENT MASQUE. Let’s face it, you’ll feel refreshed as the day is ending and your hair will thank you. Wake up feeling refreshed, soothed and you’ll leave looking like a million bucks! Use a touch of STAY DIRTY for added freshness and texture, finish off with our VALOR HAIR SPRAY. This lightweight beauty is graced with Green Tea and Ginkgo Biloba extracts to help deliver sheer protection and strength.