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The team at Beauty & Pin-Ups would like to reach out and express how truly grateful we are to all of our customer’s and say a special thank you. Over the years you have continued to show amazing support for our Brand and we appreciate everyone’s business and love. If you would like to continue to purchase Beauty & Pin-Ups products, you may do so at:

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Tips And Tricks


  • Dull or color fading: For that fun POP of COLOR that fades or dulls out too quickly, try spritzing the sway (DO NOT shake) apply straight on with a sheer mist…tousle the hair. Marine botanicals add a weightless sheen and helps revive that color!
  • This blow dry primer not only helps speed up drying time it’s versatile: shake Sway to mix the product, spritz onto hair, comb it through then blow dry - (not on high heat) then play around with your B&P product’s…layer some Valor spray (it’s a great “flexible and working hair-spray”, then try a little bit of Linger. Finish blow drying for added Volume.

LAVISH all-in-1 Cleanse and Conditioning

  • Is your hair shedding? Using Lavish has been known to help decrease the amount of hair shedding.
  • Hair extensions, Wigs, Braids and more; Use Lavish to wash your hair extensions, wigs, even manikin heads. You only need a little bit and work it through, Rinse and let air dry. Spray some Sway, tousle the hair. You’re ready for the next demo or hairdo.
  • Use Lavish at the gym; Save time while on the go, no need to shampoo and condition separately when you have LAVISH! It does both!
  • Lavish is great for SUMMERTIME fun-in-the-sun; kiddos swimming in the pool, pump some Lavish and apply to the hair before swimming, a little dab will do…it STOPS chlorine and trace minerals on contact!


  • Apply Fearless on dry hair ends for that extra penetration and deep conditioning benefit.
  • STYLIST’s: Use this as a cutting lotion! Place a small amount through the hair before cutting. Rinse, dry and style…the result: Beautiful, silky smooth locks!


  • Great by itself or to use as a “working” hairspray. Spray on lightly, layer with Fever for that added protection against heat styling or straightening. Green tea and Ginkgo Biloba Extracts help keep your strands hydrated and strong while providing added protection against harmful UV rays! And it helps preserve color!

  • Power up with Dry shampoo. NO residue to leave behind! Use it at the root on damp hair, layer with Linger Spray gel and blow dry! This creates soft volume and all day hold with no added crunch.
  • Stay Dirty one more day is our motto: Spray into hair, tousle, comb or brush through, style and go!