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Last Minute Halloween Tips with Jen

Jen Vanderzalm, owner of Dames & Dolls Makeup + Hair, swooped in on her broomstick to help us with some last minute costume ideas. We’re loving this wickedly witchy look!

If you’re like me you’re probably scrambling for a last minute Halloween costume.

Whenever this happens, I have this gem of a costume right here to fall back on. Based loosely off of the witch from ‘The Wizard of Oz’, this one always gets the kiddo’s excited that an adult is participating in their favorite candy laden holiday. I mean, sure you can put on any ol’ Halloween T-shirt, but add a little extra oompf and pizazz and you’ll be sure to wow all of your kids, colleagues, and friends!

This goes for any costume that you’re debating – think about adding some extra details and accessories to your getup, and have fun with it. Halloween is a great time to experiment with different looks – you never know, you might look amazing with blue or orange hair, and just needed a night in a wig to see it!

All you’ll need to take this from a ‘You’re a Witch?’ costume to a ‘Wow, what a great Witch costume!’ are these items that you most likely already own:

Teasing comb

Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo

Valor Superfine Hair Spray

Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray

Witches hat OR Witchy type headband (both found almost everywhere right now). Think local craft stores at 60% off!

Very pale foundation (I used the lightest color I could find, then set it with a pale powder).

Green eye shadow(s) for smokey eyes and contour colour, or to add into your foundation to get that green hue to your skin. Purple is also a good option.

Eye liner – any dark shade will do. Line eyes top and bottom, do heavier brows, even give yourself a big mole like a character witch might have.

A dark lip! My go to dark lip is by Besame cosmetics in the shade Noir Red.

Coloured hair spray (optional, but green or purple might be fun)

Hot Hair Tip: When teasing your hair, spray before and after with hairspray, then re spray with Dry Shampoo. You’ll notice it adds a nice matte look to it. This can be done with no heat tools but feel free to put some crimping or beach waves into it too!

Step 1. Pick out an awesome witchy t-shirt and witchy hat.

Step 2. Choose the lightest foundation you can find.

Apply the foundation to your face and neck.

Step 3. Darken your eyebrows by filling them in with brow pencil.

Step 4. Use green (or purple) eyeshadow to create a smokey eye look, then use as a contour for a witchy glow.

Step 5. Blend, blend, blend.

Step 6. Add a dark lip.

Step 7. Create some crazy, witchy hair. Spray with Valor Superfine Hair Spray and tease random sections. Add Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo from mid shaft to ends for texture and a matte finish. You can also add crimp and curl for added volume and visual interest.

Step 8. Finish with Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray. And you’re done! Have a fun and safe halloween!

Jen is a freelance makeup artist with a position at the CBC, there she does makeup and hair for the News hosts and anchors. She also does commercial work, bridal, and loves any sort of vintage ‘era specific’ makeup and hair.

I don’t think that I’ll ever get tired of dressing up. As a kid, my Mom had me dress as a witch for more Halloweens than I can remember. While I most likely wanted to be a troll or something else super trendy, I now look back fondly at the times she spent teasing my hair super big and using up her Covergirl green eyeshadow all over my face. I’d cough as she dumped heaps of baby powder into my teased hair but I was the best-looking witch on the block!

What Halloween traditions have you kept?

xo – Jen

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