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Katie Meade is Fearless
When we hear the word fearless, we think of Katie Meade.

Katie has battled heart surgery, competed in the Special Olympics, and shines as a Best Buddies International spokeswoman. She’s also a daughter, a sister and a friend who has broken down barriers, busted stereotypes and stigmas and won over countless hearts, including ours. She is our sole inspiration for Beauty & Pin-Ups’ newest product, Fearless Hair Rescue Masque.

Measuring in at just 4’10”, she rocked the Fearless photoshoot with the grace and confidence of a true pin-up, reminding us of Audrey Hepburn when she stepped out in a black sheath dress, pearls, and black shades. With big brown eyes and not a trace of apprehension, Katie gazed over the black rimmed glasses as if to say, ‘I”m ready for my closeup’.

We met Katie through our work with Best Buddies International, an organization that works tirelessly to end the social, physical and economic isolation of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Katie has helped others with IDD as an ambassador for Best Buddies International over the past several years, learning to travel, creating friendships, and embracing her abilities.

Katie has two wonderful sisters. She says, “Growing up, I wanted to do all the things they did. We went to the same high school. In some classes I was afraid I couldn’t do the work.” But with the help and support of her teachers, family and friends, she tackled her fears and earned her diploma.

After winning gold for the balance beam at the 1999 Special Olympics in Raleigh, Katie helped kick off the 2003 World Games in Ireland by introducing Bono and U2. “That was pretty awesome,” she recalls, “I was a little nervous.” There were over 70,000 athletes and fans at the opening ceremony.

Maybe that’s why at our launch event in Dallas, Katie stepped up on stage like she was born to do it. Check out the video here.

Want to know more about this inspiring spitfire?

#FriendshipIsBeautiful. And Katie is Fearless. Now it’s your turn. Shop the products here.

Check out more photos from the shoot on our Facebook page.

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