What’s Shakin’


Linger Style & Sculpting Spray Gel

What It Is

A luxurious spray gel that’s perfect for styling, blowouts, and defining natural curl.

What It Does

Helps strengthen and repair for sumptuous, disciplined, frizz-free locks while delivering do-as-you-please style and flexible (never crunchy) hold. Linger a little to define and refine naturally curly hair. Linger a lot for a voluminous bombshell blowout or a twirl with the curling iron.

What’s In It

Rhodiola Extract

. Also known as the golden root, Rhodiola is designed to survive in extreme environments. The mechanisms developed to counteract external aggressions in its surroundings also work to protect hair. It increases the strength and elasticity while repairing and preventing damage to the cuticle.

How to Use It

Spray on damp hair and evenly distribute. Sculpt, style, or set hair as desired.

Why We Love It

Styling stresses hair, but the key ingredient in Linger helps prevent damage and increase elasticity and strength.

The operative word here is “flexible”. This formula has ZERO crunch, no matter how much you spray. Curly girls, your prayers have been answered.

Natural curls get revamped with a few spritzes, a scrunch and a twirl of the fingers.

Tips and Tricks

.Curl Cocktail – Use with Fever Thermal Protectant for a heat proof cocktail that’s perfect for styling and never sticky.

.Save Time in the AM – Spritz on second day hair to redefine and reduce frizz.

.Bodify Your Blowout– Spray on before blow drying for added volume and light hold.

.Beach Girl Strands (Without the Beach) – Love beachy texture, but not a fan of the sand and surf? Spray on clean, dry hair and scrunch for touchable texture worthy of a boho babe.

Where To Get It

Linger is available at Cosmoprof and Armstrong McCall stores nationwide. Not a licensed stylist? Contact your salon today, or purchase Linger directly from our website.

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