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How To: Voluminous Blowout

Follow this step by step to get big volume with any hair type, especially for fine hair. Cut dry time and add shine with Sway Blowout Styling Primer while you add volume and texture with Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo (it does amazing things on clean hair too!). Get out there and strut your stuff, Bombshell!

  1. Begin with clean, towel dried hair.
  2. Holding Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo 8 inches from the scalp, spray on roots. Massage in with your fingers.
  3. Spray Sway Blowout Styling Primer from crown to ends of hair.
  4. Flip your head over and partially rough dry your hair to give it lift at the root.
  5. Flip back over and use a large barrel brush to lift hair and smooth with the dryer. Make sure the air is pointing toward the ends of the hair to smooth the cuticle.
  6. At the crown, dry the section of hair then roll the brush back to the root and hold until cool.
  7. Once completely dry, give your hair a blast of cool air to finish.

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