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How To: Pompadour Ponytail with The Iron


  1. Prep damp hair with Fever Thermal Protectant and Sway Blowout Styling Primer, then blow-dry for a voluminous blowout.

2. Section a rectangular “mohawk” at crown, parting from front hairline to parietal ridge.

3. Section both sides from behind ear to front hairline.

4. Section horizontal line at nape.

5. Take remaining section in middle back (between nape and mohawk sections) and gather into a ponytail with. Secure with a hair band.

6. Smooth side sections using Valor Superfine Hair Spray and a brush, working back toward the ponytail. Secure sections over the original pony with second hair band, resulting in a thick ponytail.

7. Divide nape section at middle and smooth with Valor and brush, working upwards. Take the left side to the right, and the right side to the left, then wrap around the base of the ponytail to disguise hair bands. Secure with bobbie pins.

8. Spritz the ponytail with Linger. Take 5-7 sections (depending on density and texture of hair) and curl with The Iron using the Rita technique.

9. While pods cool, move to remaining Mohawk section. Beginning at the section closest to the ponytail and working towards hairline, take 1.5-2″ horizontal sections, spray at the root with Valor and backcomb at root.

10. Leave a small section at front hairline to smooth back over Mohawk. Use Valor and brush to gently work this section back. Secure at ponytail with bobbie pins.

11. Once cool, remove the foil pods from the pony tail. Gently work through the curls with your fingers to add volume.

12. Set with Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray.







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