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How To: Gwen Braid Updo

Beat the summer heat with braids, just like the queen of effortless cool and chic, Gwen Stefani. Looking a little messy is the key to this undone summer style, so create this look quickly and get out in the sunshine!

You will need:

Mini hair elastics

Bobbi Pins

Luxe Leave-In Conditioner

Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo

Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray

Step 1. Spray Luxe Leave-In Conditioner on hair to moisturize and protect from UV (it’s like sunscreen for your hair!). Comb through to distribute evenly.

Step 2. Apply Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo to your hair. Spray at the root and also on the mid shaft. Stay Dirty is a perfect way to give your hair some texture.

Step 3.  Part your hair to the side.

Step 4.  Braid a section of hair from the front and secure ends with an elastic.

Step 5.  Braid a section of hair below the first section. Secure with elastic.

Step 6.. Braid one section on the opposite side and secure with elastic.

Step 7.  Give the braids some volume by loosening and tugging on sections until you have achieved the desired fullness.

Step 8.  Pull the remaining hair into a messy bun, leaving out some pieces in the front. To achieve a messy bun, pull hair half way through the elastic, instead of all the way through as you would do with a pony tail.

Step 9.  Using bobbi pins to secure, wrap the top braid over the messy bun. Then wrap the bottom braid under the messy bun.

Step 10.  Wrap the last braid around the base of the messy bun and secure with bobbi pins.

Step 11. Spray with Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray to secure the style.


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