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How To: Alika Style Updo with The Iron

Create a quick and easy updo with the Alika curl technique and The Iron.

1. Start with a deep side part about an inch from the left ear, and do a dutch braid starting on the left side following the hair line all the way around the head, leaving out the middle and pulling up in the back to create a little height in the crown.

2. Once you have reached the beginning of the dutch braid finish out the hair in a regular braid all the way to the end of the hair.

3. Then weave the braid throughout the dutch braid in the front to hide the ends.

4. Pull the braid apart a little bit to loosen.

5. With the remaining hair, prep small sections with Valor Superfine Hair Spray and wrap around one finger, then heat using The Iron and foil pods to create the Alika curl.

6. Once the pods have cooled, remove them and relax the curls slightly by running your fingers through the curls.

7. Weave the curls throughout the braid by inserting a bobby pin half way through and threading the end of the hair, then pulling through the braid.

8. Finish your style by spraying with Fierce Firm Hold Finishing Spray.

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