Best Tan Accelerators Review In 2023 (TOP 10 CHOICES)

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You are looking for a product that suits your beauty needs and skincare. That is completely solved when you use the product line of the Best tan accelerators which we will introduce the following.

Certainly, you will get bronzing faster when you apply a tanning accelerator. This is a popular option to prepare for summer vacations, beach trips, and events. Getting a well-tanned skin can take some time. So why not try the product right away so you can speed things up? However, the biggest problem for you is that there are many problems in choosing the right product for many tanning accelerators in the market that do not live up to the hype. Some are simply not effective.

Therefore we will introduce you to the list of products of tan accelerators to give people more choices. We will mention our reviews and buying guides

Top 10 Best Tan Accelerators Review

1. SunBum

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First, Sum Bum sunscreen is one of lists we want to introduce for you. It contains ingredients by protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. As you know, these are the radiation that can damage your skin, they cause signs of skin aging faster and worse, which will lead to cancer in the future.

The composition structure of Sun Bum Lotion is water-resistant up to 80 minutes. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a long time at the pool or the sea without having to reapply the cream. In addition, the composition of the product does not contain gluten, parabens, and PABA and has never been tested on animals. This helps to keep your skin as protected as possible.

This the tan accelerator product is suitable for our daily use because it protects the skin from the sun’s radiation. The composition of the product has a gentle fragrance like summer. This makes you feel good and enjoy it. No matter what occasion you use the product, whether you are walking the beach or going out, the original formula of this product definitely makes you feel satisfied.

Enjoy playing without having to worry about anything caused by the sun’s rays.

  • SumBum sunscreens contain ingredients by protecting you from UVA and UVB rays.
  • The composition structure of Sun Bum Lotion is water-resistant up to 80 minutes.
  • Ingredients of the product do not contain gluten, parabens, and PABA.
  • Sometimes the scent of the product is light so you don't feel it

2. New Solid Black Bronzer

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Product New Solid Black Bronzer is also one of the lists contains ingredients that have a pronounced effect on protecting your skin. The non-tanning tanning ingredients in the New Solid Black Bronzer body lotion give you a radiant, more radiant appearance in the first few hours you wear it.

Moreover, the composition of the product also has a floral aroma, which makes it soothing, combined with the fragrance of chrysanthemum and willow bark plus hemp and sunflower oil. finished product.

All ingredients of the product contain some natural substances, helping your skin to be absorbed appropriately and safely for users.

  • Technology that absorbs the ingredients into your skin automatically
  • The effect of the product effectively and quickly dissolves containing Enhancer, Silicone Bronzer
  • Has a soothing aroma composition like blush
  • It's just a bronzer it will wash off in a couple of days.

3. Super Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer W

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Many people still wonder why it is difficult to get items to effect on your skin. Because your legs are hairy, this interferes with the absorption of substances into the skin and reduces the tan effect of other common products. And it is even worse if you also need to remove the hair on your feet to be able to achieve the effect as the product brings.

Therefore, our recommended the product list, Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer from Supre Snooki will effectively slow down hair growth and automatically add color to your skin. Surely you will be surprised by the efficiency that this product brings.

If you are wondering, are the ingredients of the product effective? Then we will show you the nutritional ingredients of this product that contain both bronzers and ingredients that tighten and moisturize your skin. The effectiveness achieved during the use of this product is proven by many people who have been using this product.

Do not worry that your feet will not achieve the desired tan. Try the product to feel the effect.

  • The paraben-free ingredient is bad for your skin
  • The effect of Extra Dark Bronzers targets hard-to-dark areas to have noticeably darker legs after UV exposure.
  • An advanced skin-tightening blend helps to smooth and improve the texture of the skin for a firmer and firmer appearance.
  • Hyper Dark Tanning technology instantly prepares your skin for a rich, rich golden color.
  • The product does not contain sunscreen so want to put sunscreen effect must use the attached product

4. Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion

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The next expected item that we all bring to you is Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion. This product gives you a feel like Australia's sinful black perfume Gold camouflage the bright white skin of friends. With ingredients mainly from natural-derived bronzers such as caramel shell extract and walnuts will give you the most expected effect.

Next is the ability to protect the skin to prevent your skin from being dehydrated during application. Why is this product so capable? It is thanks to the ingredients that contain hemp seeds and Kukui Nut oil, so the anti-water effect of Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion is a very good great effect. It is because of these internal highlights that the product has made customers like it more than effective bronzers immediately.

Customers who have used this product also say that Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion has helped them get a tan base development with minimum effort.

  • Its composition is mainly of bronzers derived from nature.
  • Skin protection helps prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated during application
  • When your skin is hydrated you get a darker tan.

5. Maui Babe

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The indispensable product on the list that we want to provide you with information is Maui Babe. Now, you are looking for a product with good absorption as well as good sun protection. Maui Babe is the smartest choice.

If you want a superior sunblock to darken as quickly as possible, apply the Maui Babe salon formula. The effectiveness of this product provides an immediate companion, then further deepens your color over time. The ingredients of this product listed include Kona coffee extracts with caffeine to increase blood flow and natural dyes for your skin.

In addition, Maui Babe also contains ingredients with Vitamins A, C, and E which are antioxidants that protect against signs of aging caused by sun damage. And the last thing special is the product containing oil cream Kukui seed oil, an ancient Polynesian medicine to treat sunburn.

  • The ingredients of this product listed include caffeine-extracted Kona coffee extracts to increase blood flow and natural dyes.
  • Ingredients with Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants that protect against signs of aging caused by sun damage.
  • The product contains Kukui seed oil lotion, a long-lasting Polynesian medicine for sunburn.
  • It has a lot of oil and feels greasy
  • smells so strong, and stains clothes hours after application.

6. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden

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If you have a tattoo problem or want your tattoo to stand out without being affected by skincare products. Then visit the product  Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden that we listed on goods that is worth reading for your reference.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is a perennial favorite with the traditional coconut scent on the beach. The composition of the coconut scent gives you a great feeling and fully enjoy relaxing moments. In addition, the fuel composition of this product is also based on production Tyrosine and melanin can increase the amount of pigment on your skin. Giving excellent expected effect.

In addition, the biggest feature of this Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden product is its ability to camouflage cellulite and protect your tattoo from fading.

  • Ingredients Quad Tyrosine Blend & Melano Bronze can thus stimulate and increase melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process.
  • The natural scent is Coconut paradise perfume. A mildly attractive coconut scent with a faint vanilla scent will make you dream of a day in paradise.
  • Fade's ingredients contain tattoo protection formulas that help extend the life and radiance of your tattoo and tanning results.
  • The lotion is not labeled as vegetarian

7. Elemis Tan Accelerator

best tan accelerators

Coming to the experience of using the Elemis Tan Accelerator product that we want to introduce to you in list is the good absorption capacity because the tube is much smaller than other tan accelerators, a little goes a long way long.

In addition to helping to accentuate your body, naturally tanned skin, the composition of the product also contains moisturizing ingredients that provide a soothing, softening, and lightening effect. Surely you will be very surprised with this, the effect that the product brings is so great that many people choose when using Elemis Tan Accelerator products, you will not have to worry about using another type of moisturizer. You do not have to use a moisturizer with an accelerator because the composition contains macadamia nut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil is sufficient.

Or if you want to use your own moisturizer if you want, then there's a problem too. Elemis tan accelerators are quite expensive when compared to other brands. It costs £ 18 per 100ml, more than triple the speed of the Australian Gold Dark tanning accelerator. But it is the only melting accelerator to contain tyrosine, an amino acid that is important in melanin production. Compared to other accelerators, Elemis creates a deeper and more noticeable tanned skin.

  • Bringing the best effect for deep tanning.
  • High moisturizing effect of the product.
  • Scent composition has a slight scent and pleasant.
  • Expensive compared to other tan accelerators.

8. EcoTan Accelerator

best tan accelerators

If you don't want to buy an expensive accelerator then this is a good choice for you with items series. Product EcoTan Accelerator is a good budget option for large volumes like 100ml In addition, the product also comes with a large bottle that comes in a large 500ml bottle, which will help you to last longer and you can use it more widely.

If you are having a long vacation just one bottle is enough. In addition to enhancing your natural tanned skin, it also contains ingredients that can help you moisturize and regulate your skin. The label recommends using it 7 days before going on holiday or using a tanning bed. It will accumulate a good source of melanin before you come into contact with the skin. Once you are in the sun, keep using it to maintain your skin. If that bothers you, try applying moisturizer on the accelerator. This will keep your skin soft and smooth when the accelerator dries.

What do other customers think? Eco Tan accelerators are quite popular. Customers especially love the larger bottle they say lasts longer than most other brands. They also like the way it moisturizes the skin, giving it a soft feel.

  • The optimal choice for this product at an affordable price.
  • Large bottle volume for you to use long term.
  • Enhance and retain naturally tanned skin.
  • Has good moisturizing ability.
  • The effect of a deep impact is not as good as a pricier melt accelerator with tyrosine.

9. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

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Next, Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion is the product on the list that we recommend for you. The product comes in a fairly large 250ml bottle ensuring it lasts longer. The material composition of the product's tank is thinner than some accelerators but this means a little goes a long way. When it comes to the scent of the product, you definitely cannot refuse because it smells so good.

The label describes it as the Classic Cocoa Dream even though users say it smells more like a mango. What this product does best is This accelerator does not contain bronzers. It does not artificially faux leather; It only enhances your own tanning process by using a combination of ingredients they call Biosine Complex.

Ingredients include olive oil, tea tree oil and Panthenol (a form of vitamin B5). The three ingredients work together to soothe and moisturize the skin as well as boost melanin production. Apply it before you go on vacation and continue using it again as you enjoy the sun to get a deeper tanned skin.

Unlike some accelerators, it does not make your skin cracked and dry. Native Australian oil moisturizes your skin for a velvety soft texture. You can also apply your own moisturizer on top if you want and remember to also use sunscreen.

  • Nutritional ingredients help strengthen skin darkening.
  • Achieve a moisturizing effect.
  • Has a mild aroma that feels great.
  • Good price.
  • Does not produce as deep as another pricier melting accelerator.

10. James Read Enhance Tan Accelerator

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One of the best melting accelerators to stimulate melanin production, the highly anticipated product on the list of products we recommend for you to try. The James Read Tan Enhance accelerator is designed to help you achieve your maximum tanning potential. It works to speed up your tan and gives you the golden light you always wanted.

The ingredients that make up the product include natural skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, monk pepper, luxe cream, and hyaluronic acid, etc. which help hydrate and moisturize your skin, certainly, You will feel your skin after using the product will be young and beautiful tanned.

What is more special than other types of products is that James Read Enhance Tan Accelerator has a manufacturing ingredient suitable for all skin types of users.

  • Impacts on your skin and moisturizes
  • Contains natural ingredients that are aloe vera
  • Stimulates your skin to produce melanin Gives you a wonderful golden light skin
  • The product may be expensive compared to the general premises of other products

When should I use the Best tan accelerators?

To achieve the desired effect, the tan accelerator should be applied 2-4 weeks before going to the sun to really give your skin the opportunity to build melanin production. Because they are super moisturizing, they can replace your normal lotion during the summer months without any extra hassle or steps. Of course, if you do not want to give up the daily lotion, just use it on the head once it has been absorbed.

How to use the tan accelerators?

Because each tan accelerator product has different levels of impact and absorption into the skin, so read the instructions for each type of product printed on the label to see how to use the accelerator and how to use it as effectively as possible.

When reading the skincare instructions of this product, you will get instructions on the following: when to apply, time to apply lotion. In addition, you also know the waiting time after your session before you take a bath. This allows the accelerator components to fully utilize and deepen your copper color before you wash them off the skin.

Is the Best tan accelerator safe?

If you're a smart shopper, you'll probably be wondering about this. There are some things before you use the product that you need to consider and carefully consider before deciding whether to use it or not. First, are you sure you want to change your skin? Is tanning a wise choice for your skin? In the case of some people with very pale and insoluble skin and dull skin also increases the risk of skin cancer.

If you are wondering whether the Best tan accelerators component is working as expected? Most of the ingredients in indoor pigmentation lotions and some outdoor creams contain ingredients that darken your skin quickly. Products manufactured include ingredients such as the amino acid L-Tyrosine that increase the production of melanin or bronzers like DHA. In addition, you will also get products that contain natural, safe ingredients for users such as aloe and coconut oil plus anti-aging additives like Vitamin E.

Next, if your body is allergic to nuts or other ingredients in melasma cream, choose for yourself products containing ingredients that are safer for you, carefully choose the right products. suitable for the skin. If you're not sure if the product is harmful or allergic to your skin, try it on a small piece of skin and wait a day to see how you react.

Finally, the products ingredients may dissolve while you are using it with sunscreen. Try a tanning accelerator with sunscreen to protect your skin if needed. Moreover, no matter where you tan, do it in short sessions to fade your skin without burning it.


Through our article just presented above, hopefully, you find the perfect tan accelerator that suits your needs to deepen your copper. If you want the best effect on your skin, use other products in the same line as tan to keep pigmentation for as long as possible. The use of the tan accelerators products may depend on how long you take care of your skin.

For better results, invest in a full range of skincare products that work well for your skin and body.

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