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Ana Vergara on Inner Beauty, Strength and the Everyday Extraordinary

Ana sits in front of the massive windows lining the front room of Shine Salon in Charlotte, NC. Behind her are mid-century style chairs, covered in an avocado green velvet. It all fits perfectly with her look – quarter sleeve red dress, sweetheart neckline, a red rose in her 40’s style waves, all brought together with winged eye makeup, red lips and perfect brows.

Ana is another #girlboss who’s been part of the travel crew for over a year. Like me, she attended all but one show last season. Now we’re gearing up for 2017 and she looks as beautiful as ever.

I’m trying to tag her in a post, but can’t remember her handle. It’s @cgd_bosslady, F.Y.I.

“What’s C G D?” I ask. I should know this by now.

“My business, Classic Glamour Dolls.” I love her accent. There’s the slightest hint that she must speak another language, and her cadence beckons you to listen.

“Ooh how could I forget that! Ok, so tell us a little about yourself. Your name, where you’re from and what you do.”

Ana: My name is Ana Vergara. And I am from Hollywood California. I am a hair stylist, makeup artist, entrepreneur, radio personality and TV talk show host.

B&P: Impressive resume. Do you want to tell us a little about your business and what it’s like to start a business and be a bosslady?

Ana: I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17 and I won’t say my age right now (she laughs), but quite a while, so it’s a hair and makeup team, we do the retro style and we travel.

B&P: So doing that, what’s a typical day look like?

She pauses, completely straight faced. “Girl”, she says with sass, “my typical day is pretty hectic. When you’re in the entertainment industry, whether you’re doing hair and makeup on the set, or at a wedding, or on the road to the radio show, or being on camera, it changes every day. And that’s what I love about my life is that it’s not repetitive, it’s not just one thing every day. I could be flying in the air, with Beauty & Pin-Ups, I could be local, or I could be on radio, so, I love it.”

B&P: Ok, so, even though your days are really different, can you describe what your “typical” beauty routine is like?

She sighs a bit and thinks.

Ana: My beauty routine can be kind of hectic because I travel so much. I was one of those people who’s mom would always be after me, (she slaps the back of her hand on her other palm, imitating her mom) “Take care of your skin cause when you get older, especially being of the Latina heritage, you know,” but I didn’t know. I was like “Eh, I’m fine,” but now I feel like, when it comes to your hair, when it comes to your face, when it comes to your health you really have to take care of yourself! So my regular routine, starting with hair, would be just a good shampoo and good conditioner. I start with Flaunt (she uses Beauty & Pin-Ups!), and I’m a big fan of Luxe especially when I wear my hair curly. It gives you that nice spiral curl and when you straighten it out, it gives it natural shine. When it comes to my face I’ve been really into high-end products. I do a cream and I do a serum, for the lift.

She laughs and puts her hands to her face. Her skin, by the way, appears flawless to me.

Ana: And when it comes to dieting, I’m back on track, going to the gym. I recently lost ten pounds! So I am totally on a new journey when it comes to health.

I practically fall out of my chair and high five her, then remember we’re filming.

“Is that OK?” She looks at me.

“Yes, ya! Bueno, Monica!” I say, our inside joke from last season.

B&P: So what characteristic in others stands out to you the most?

Ana: The characteristics that stand out the most when I talk to an individual is when they’re themselves around me. I love that – I love when they can just sit down and talk to me and just reveal that certain inside part of them where I can look in their eyes and say, “Oh my God, they are such an awesome human being.” You know? And I love that energy.

B&P: So would you say the thing that stands out the most to you is their uniqueness and their authenticity?

Ana: Yes.

B&P: What is it about their energy, that you see?

Ana: What is see in them, is not just them being themselves, its…

B&P: We talk a lot about people being authentic and being true to themselves.

Ana: Yeah, it’s when someone is unique in their own personal way. When they’re themselves, when they are real to me and they’re sitting down and I can see to their soul and they’re humble and kind. When you’re just sitting with someone you can learn so much.

I think to the times I’ve sat with Ana and I know she’s not just saying this for the camera. She lights up when you talk to her, and it does sometimes feel like she’s seeing into your soul. Having a one on one conversation with Ana leaves you feeling like gold.

B&P: Who’s the most beautiful person you know and why?

Ana: The most beautiful person I know would be my sister. And I hardly talk about her – she doesn’t like to be in the limelight. I know when people follow me, especially through social media, they say, “You’re unstoppable,” and yeah, but my sister is my backbone and I have to give her credit for that. Everybody goes through their daily drama. You may have your bad days, your good days, but when I have my bad days my sister calls me, she texts me, she says, “Get up, you can do this. Look at everything you’ve accomplished. You can do anything.” Without her giving me that extra push…

Ana pauses, clearly thinking about what her life would be like without her sister’s support. “She is definitely somebody that inspires me.”

B&P: What is it about her that is specifically beautiful to you?

Ana: It’s her positive energy and that she doesn’t give up on any type of dream that she may have. She inspires me to believe. She calls me up about a project, “Hey let’s start this… Let’s do this,” and I envision it because of her. I love that about her.

B&P: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Ana: Woah… I never like to talk about myself. But my favorite thing about myself would be that I’m not a quitter. And I am very goal oriented. When it comes to goals I sit back and look at it and say, “Ok, how do I do this.” I have to pause for a minute and start one goal, then the next and accomplish them.

B&P: What do you think makes someone truly beautiful?

Ana: I think what makes someone beautiful is that they’re comfortable in their own skin. And especially right now in this world we live in, in this moment, being all shapes, all sizes, all ethnicities, everything is beautiful.

She’s leaning forward now, eagerly, like she really wants me to take this in and believe it. And I am. “You have to be comfortable in your own skin,” she says definitively.

We think so too, Ana.

She goes on, “And it’s so hard seeing through magazines and TV and saying, ‘I wish I looked like her, I wish I had her skin, her hair,’ but you know what, you have to wake up and say ‘Ok, maybe I can do a little hair treatment, but I look good!’ And be comfortable.

B&P: I love that. What makes YOU feel most beautiful?

She pauses… “Wow, That’s a good question..

B&P: It could be anything you know, could be an activity that you do, or could be, I dunno, someone you spend time with or something you do for yourself, or could be anything. We can go back to it?

She nods. “Ok.”

B&P: Ok, how would you describe the everyday extraordinary?

Ana: The everyday extraordinary for me, is to wake up first thing in the morning and be able to tell yourself that you are going to have a fantastic day. Because I am a true believer that the way you wake up will be revealed in your whole entire day. And your mind can be deceiving sometimes. You can wake up and be like, “Ugh I’m going to have such a bad day,” and your day will be bad. I learned recently what helps is I have somebody who sends me texts of positive videos and I LOVE that. Being able to wake up to YouTube or whatever and listen to those positive videos – that stays in your mind.

B&P: That’s a great tip. Ok, so what makes you feel most beautiful?

She lets out a pretend shriek of dismay. And looks off to the distance for a moment..

“Spoiling myself with Beauty & Pin-Ups!” someone spouts off from the peanut gallery, stirring giggles from the crew.

“Ok, I have something,” she smiles.

Ana: What makes me feel most beautiful is, recently, pampering myself. Because I work a lot. And I’ve never really tried pampering myself, but now, being able to do a treatment on my hair, or a facial, you know, I love it.

B&P: What does the word beauty mean to you? How would you define it?

Ana: What beauty means to me is being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t matter what size you are, it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, just being able to be comfortable, be happy with yourself. And as long as you’re ok with you, everything’s fine.

Mic drop. 😉

B&P: Last one, what one word best describes you?

Ana: One word that best describes me would be strength. I think when people know what…

She sighs. “I always get emotional,” then shakes her head and smiles. “I think… when people know what I’ve gone through, and I hate being emotional but… really strength,” she says quietly.

B&P: Do you want to elaborate on it anymore?

“Ya,” she nods. Then, “Oh my goodness,” and laughs at her own teary eyes. “Why do you have to make me cry?” laughs Ana.

We both start laughing. “We don’t have to talk about it!” I say.

No, no, I want to,” she says. She delicately wipes a tear from her perfectly lined eyes, takes a deep breath and says, “Ok.”

B&P: What is it that makes you so strong?

Ana: After getting all emotional… (she laughs)… one thing that makes me really strong would be just knowing my own inner strength. People see you through social media, they hear me on radio, they see that I’m doing hair and makeup here and there, and they don’t know what you go through and that you’re human. And I feel that just like anybody, you may know you go through bad days, sometimes you could go through depression, through happy days, sometimes you may lose somebody.

She’s found a quiet calm in her voice now, a soft but deliberate tone. The backround noise is completely gone. The room is perfectly silent.

Ana: But it’s how you take it. How strong you are. And to be able to wake up and know that, it’s gonna be ok. And to continue, and remember that tomorrow’s going to be a new day, and you can inspire the next person who’s watching you.

She smiles and her whole face lights up and I can’t help but shine one back. I feel pretty inspired.

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