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Alika’s Curl Care Routine

Ever feel like you need a step by step on how to flaunt your natural curls? Our friend Alika Ray (model, actress, and goddess) rocks gorgeous natural curls that we are totally in love with. She’s a beauty inside and out who kindly took the time to share some of her hair secrets with us. Thanks Curlfriend!

Follow her step by step for show stopping bounce and shine every day of the week. Number one rule to remember for natural curls? Moisture.


1. Rinse daily and use a Cleansing Conditioner.

“I rinse my hair almost everyday, especially if I have back to back shoots. Starting from wet hair gets my curls looking the best. Soo, cleansing conditioner is a must for all the curlfriends out there. I love Lavish! It has Argan Oil, so I get real excited. Lavish moisturizes and also helps get through the tangles to get my curls ready for styling! I comb it through in the shower, rinse, and wrap my hair in an old t-shirt- not a towel- which helps with breakage.”

Product: Lavish All-In-1 Cleansing & Conditioning
Key Ingredients: Amla, Avocado & Argan Oil

2. Condition again.

“Then… more conditioner! Leave-in conditioner is a curlfriend staple. Luxe is perfect! Coconut rich is always a plus.”

Product: Luxe Leave-In Conditioner
Key Ingredients: Coconut & Chufa Milk

3. Define your curls.

“Im absolutely obsessed with Linger. Just say NO to crunchy curls! This product helps define my locks without weighing them down. Plus, if I need to to extend my rinse days and get a few days out of my curls, it works wonders as a curl refresher.”

Product: Linger Style & Sculpting Spray Gel
Key Ingredient: Rhodiola Root Extract

4. Dry with a diffuser.

“DIFFUSE DIFFUSE DIFFUSE – which means, a few sprays of Fever is 400% necessary to protect hair from heat damage.”

Product: Fever Thermal Protectant
Key Ingredients: Keracyn & Artichoke Leaf Extract

5. Add shine.

“Sway is a blow dry spray, but when sprayed on my hair dry, it adds shine! Plus it smells amazing.”

Product: Sway Blowout Styling Primer
Key Ingredient: Nori Seaweed


6. Deep Condition

“Did I mention conditioners being a curlfriend staple? I deep condition a couple times a month! That’s where Fearless comes in. Hydrogenated Castor Oil = Bye frizz!”

Product: Fearless Hair Rescue Masque
Key Ingredient: Hydrogenated Castor Oil


7. Deep clean once a month.

“I do shampoo and condition my hair one time a month… Dont make that face. Remember, I rinse and use a cleansing conditioner! Plus, with my texture, its not necessary to shampoo & condition every day. In fact, its not good for my hair.

When I’m ready for a deep clean, I use Rewind. My hair goes through A LOT in my profession. Sometimes clients want my hair hair straight, or a looser curl pattern. So that means a lot of heat and compromising the curls. I need a shampoo and conditioner that is free of phthalates and parabans and rich in repair. Rewind is perfect for that.”

Products: Rewind Reconstructing Shampoo & Conditioner

Key Ingredient: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil & Integribond Complex

Want to hear more from Alika? Check out her #BeautyIs interview.

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