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Sueños y Esperanza Hosts First Fashion Show at Plaza Mexico

May 12, 2017 Lynnwood, California
Written by Rebecca Holliday

I arrived at Plaza Mexico in Lynnwood, California at 3:30 on Friday afternoon and was greeted by Pablo Figueroa  and several amazing Southern California stylists – all excited to participate in an event that would support individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD).

Families soon began arriving and the stylists got started on hair and makeup for the kids and their mothers. A camera man walked around, capturing little moments and filming the stylists at work. The kids were so delighted to be pampered and focused on in this way. People with IDD are oftentimes vastly overlooked, and plagued by isolation. They deal with things that never even cross most of our minds on a day-to-day basis.

Much like our charitable partners Best Buddies International, Sueños y Esperanza is an organization that helps support individuals with IDD and their families through the gift of music. Singing, dancing and planning events like this, brings people and together helps everyone foster a community. The families and kids all know each other – some of them have even met their sweethearts through the group!

Aside from leaving my heart overflowing, this event provided an amazing opportunity for stylists to create dozens of looks on all different hair types using Beauty & Pin-Ups styling products, doing everything from blowouts to updos. For many stylists, it was their first time trying Beauty & Pin-Ups and the feedback was spectacular. The biggest hits? Fierce, Linger and Sway.

Once all of the kids were done with hair and makeup and dressed in their favorite outfit, they each presented a rose to their mother. Then, everyone lined back up and with the DJ rocking out in full swing, each individual had their time to shine on the red carpet, strutting their stuff for family, friends and supporters.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of the event was when Amelia Macchiavello, a reporter with Telemundo, arrived and coached the kids through their catwalk. Her cameraman captured everything while one by one, they walked through the middle of the crowd to show off their chosen outfit and hairstyle. The entire crowd went wild for each person, and the way they lit up was truly gratifying.

After the runway show was finished, the lights were turned down, music was turned up, and everyone hit the dance floor. I’m not a big dancer, but even I couldn’t help join in for a few songs.

Sometimes in the noise of our crazy industry, the idea that beauty is more than what’s on the outside can get lost. It’s refreshing that there are people out there who share our belief that true beauty comes from within, and that they work to broaden the demographic that is reached by traditional beauty standards. At Beauty & Pin-Ups we believe beauty belongs to everyone – every shape, size, color, gender, and background – and are thrilled to connect with another organization and event that spreads this message.

I hope everyone will continue to join the conversation. Events like this help bring us one step closer to a world where beauty belongs to everyone.


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